I have been a huge fan of Lisa Whatmough’s fabulous furniture since we met at Liberty a few years ago. Lisa’s philosophy of manufacturing in Britain using artisan methods resonates so profoundly in an age when faster, cheaper same-ness rules. No two pieces of Squint furniture are the same and a visit to her atelier in Shoreditch is an absolute must-do. You can see her small,  talented and friendly team at work on furniture commissions which will eventually grace some very elegant living spaces. Whilst Lisa is far too discreet to say where individual pieces are destined, her work is collected by the fashion cognoscenti as well as those with a more generalist love of fabric, furniture, art and design. Squint’s concept embodies the founding principles behind the Uncommon Client… she has created something beautiful, using unique and time-honoured techniques requiring great skill and experience, in an environmentally sound and sensitive way, which are built to last a lifetime if not longer. I am the proud owner of a completely one-off art deco piano stool which Squint have transformed into something utterly delightful.

The great joy of having something from Squint in your home is the knowledge that no one else in the world has the same as you do. A rare feeling in an age of mass production and mass consumption.



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  1. […] formerly occupied by TEA (the little tea room which was originally and stunningly embellished by Squint) on the ground floor (off the fine jewellery room) has become THE most browsable, covetable jewel […]

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