Brands Doing Good…


One thing big brands can do relatively quickly and easily is connect their customers with a charity campaign, and as campaigns go, they don’t get much bigger or more brand-led than Product (Red), which raises funds for a Global Fund to fight HIV&AIDS in Africa. Product (Red) has joined forces over the past couple of years with some formidable “everywhere” brands including Apple (iPod), American Express (Red card), GAP and Emporio Armani to name but few. Cynics question the altruism of the brands which create and market (Red) products and in the process earn some relatively easy CSR points (along with gaining new customers and the profit line on the products). But I do believe that every little helps, and whatever the motivation of the individual brands to get involved, a donation-with-purchase is better all round than no donation at all.

Diptyque are a gorgeous Parisien brand (although getting bigger and bigger, they’re not everywhere… yet) and I was pleased to learn before Christmas that they were planning to launch a special limited edition candle to benefit Product (Red). The resulting collaboration looks delightful and marries the two brands impeccably without any tackiness.

If Product (Red) isn’t your thing, their Cypres room fragrance and Figuere candles are noteworthy for their divine scents which evoke the Mediterranean and summer. Of particular note is that the Figuere scented candle works brilliantly in a room in which you are going to be serving drinks or food – most scented candles overpower the flavours you are serving and can be quite sickly.  Figuere is subtle and stimulates the palate.

Sometimes the only way for charities to raise money is to partner up with big brands, and who can argue with that when the work funded with the money raised ultimately does change lives much less fortunate than our own.

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