It is deeply gratifying to finally lay hands upon the perfectly proportioned, beautifully craftsman-made object of one’s acquisitive longings, especially when that item is as essential as a work bag. I waited over two years to find the perfect shape… not too big nor too small, not too wide, not too much like a piece of luggage that I felt should be getting on a plane every time I left the house. Of course, I also wanted to avoid following the pack as there is something slightly impoverishing in the knowledge that you can purchase the same, mass made, soulless item in every major city on every inhabited continent.

The esteemed Paris malletier Goyard could not be more in tune with the philosophy of the Uncommon Client- be the best at what you create and allow your product and word of mouth to speak for itself. At Maison Goyard they hand-print their signature chevron canvas and leave it to dry naturally in the sunshine. Everything is handmade in France by people working directly for the firm. Having read about the large comores bag, I was completely enthralled and perfectly prepared to jump on the train to Paris when happily last Autumn they opened a store on Mount Street in London. Acquisition of the bag was not as easy as one might have hoped but this made me want it even more – the products are in such limited supply a wait is usual, especially at very busy times (like Christmas). I went in to try the bag out and was told there were none in the whole business for a few weeks until more could be made. Despite having stores in North America and Asia, this is a company that is not afraid to say “We can’t make them quickly enough, you have to wait” rather than just shifting production away from the experienced and knowledgeable craftsman to elsewhere, simply to meet demand.

The most exciting thing about Goyard is that they actively encourage their clients to customise their purchases. They have painters in their workshop who will, for an additional charge, apply a completely unique mark of your own imagination to your luggage or bag – a coloured stripe, some initials, numbers, a monogram… whatever and wherever your desire takes you (within reason – they do maintain the right to veto your suggestion in order to protect their integrity). The process can take up to six weeks and with a pressing need to use the bag for a trip I had to suppress my inner creative streak (temporarily). Now I have only the issue of working out when I can live without my new daily companion for six long weeks!

116 Mount Street, London W1
233, rue Saint Honore, Paris 75001


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  1. […] to the biggest selection available in the UK…. AND they have collaborated with my beloved Goyard on a special edition book trunk containing 100 Assouline titles… a white and a black version […]

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