Vitsoe / Vitsoe chez Colette


Vitsoe is a company I admire enormously, not only for the quality of their product but for their business philosophy. Their perspective on manufacturing, distribution, re-use and recycling should be the cornerstone of every enterprise as they believe, as in nature, that efficiency is crucial at every level of the business. This has been at the heart of what Vitsoe does for over 50 years.

Their motto is “Living Better, With Less, That Lasts Longer.”

This is an ethos close to the heart of the Uncommon Client. It is also the root of many style philosophies about buying less but making what you do buy the best quality you can afford.

Vitsoe recently announced a soon-to-open pop-up corner chez Colette, the Paris store which has become a role model for all luxury, trend-lead retailers worldwide for their curatorial approach to buying and their fantastically innovative collaborations. I will be visiting Paris during the collaboration.

3-5 Duke Street, London W1U 3ED
020 7428 1606


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  1. […] am very much looking forward to re-hanging the Vitsoe shelving system that we brought with us from a former residence… the beauty of Vitsoe being […]

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