London Manners


The small gesture of saying hello and remembering a person’s name in a shop or bar you visit frequently is a custom so often overlooked in London.  The pace of life means we often forget about manners in a bid to get things done a bit faster and without the possibility of actually engaging with our fellow citizens. I am firmly convinced that taking the time to get to know your customers is one of the best ways to not only retain their future custom (and stop them from going to a competitor) but to massively enrich their experience for absolutely no cost.

Last night I was reminded of how important this is in our electronic, anonymous age.

A genuine tonic in life is sinking into a deeply upholstered chair and imbibing some delicious cocktails or glass of champagne, and there is nowhere in London that beats the Coburg Bar at the Connaught for complete pleasure and excellence. The team here are the friendliest and most welcoming of all the luxury hotel bars by far, making a point of welcoming you by name after a few visits. The intuitive, thoughtful service is delivered in an unhurried manner which enables the personality and nature of the people who work here to infuse the atmosphere with welcome. They take the time to care, genuinely, about your experience in their custody.

The decor (by India Mahdavi) is darkly seductive and invites intimate conversation to flow freely over the homemade crisps and huge succulent olives. My favourite cocktail from their excellent list is by far a Sidecar, and this is truly the best I’ve ever tasted anywhere. Their cocktails are made with the sort of affection and attention to detail which evokes a genuinely bygone era of glamour, when such things really mattered. They still do.

The Connaught
Carlos Place, London W1
020 7499 7070



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  1. […] for brilliance for this particular favourite is the one served at the Connaught Hotel’s Coburg Bar. I have to say the Delaunay’s comes in a very close second and I will need to return as soon […]

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