Measuring Up


Shirts are always difficult to get absolutely right, so it was a huge treat to be measured up for a bespoke shirt this week at Pogson & Davis in Mayfair. Craig Pogson has created a very gentlemanly and welcoming atmosphere at their Davies Street atelier… Customers come and go in a very informal and convivial flurry of banter and laughter. For anyone concerned about stuffiness and not feeling at home at a bespoke tailors, the service here could not be more down-to-earth and genuine.

From a stack of fabric swatches a good six inches thick, I whittled down the selection to 12 options which was a great deal harder than I thought. When presented with seemingly infinite variety one can almost become overwhelmed by choice. Making the cut down to a final three was very difficult but ultimately the advice and knowledge on hand from Craig helped make a final decision and a fabric was chosen. There followed a conversation, expertly lead, about collar styles and depths, yoke construction, buttons, cuffs… with each element being discussed and unwritten rules imparted. The measuring itself was adept and quick and actually took the least time of the whole experience.

There now follows a five weeks wait, which seems so long in the immediacy of 21st century living, but serves as a reminder that things take time and five weeks is barely over a month. Anticipation is itself part of the great pleasure of having something made just for you, and therefore it is a wait I for one am happy to endure.

Pogson & Davis
4 Davies Street London W1K 3DL
020 7499 3020


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