Home Comforts (and a BAFTA on the Bar)


Everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect hotel. For some, a grand marble foyer, white-gloved service and the occasional mega-star in the bar are prerequisites for an enjoyable stay. For others, a flushing lavatory and nylon curtains more than suffice so long as the place is clean and dry.

Whatever your own preferences, there is certainly a great deal to be said for the hotel which is a bit like your own home… probably a more stylish version thereof, but nevertheless furnished and decorated in a manner not disimilar to how one might live oneself.  Full-size bath products in the bathroom, as one would have at home, magazines you would actually buy on the coffee table… and home baked biscuits the sort you might aspire to making yourself during a lovely domestic weekend. Dean Street Townhouse is, on this basis, without doubt the perfect home-from-home. The rooms are decorated in a very neutral palette with rich textured fabrics and some of the larger rooms have stylish freestanding baths in the bedroom. The upstairs corridors are narrow and a little claustrophobic, but the development was constrained by the listed building requirements, so they have done their best within the rules.

Without doubt the crowning glory of this lovely place is the dining room. You can’t access it directly from the hotel (again to do with the listed building restrictions) so you have to go outside and walk one door down. When I arrived for afternoon tea on Monday, a BAFTA mask was placed proudly on the bar whilst the award-winner dined nearby (showing off in the most stylish, elegant and acceptable way). The afternoon tea was delightful, homely and unpretentious, served on blue and white floral china in their private dining room which seats up to 12 people (but can only be reached by walking through the main reception and part of the dining room which isn’t ideal if you need somewhere very private). The dining room itself was buzzing in the manner of a very stylish and fashionable beehive, with many comings and goings and life being lived at a West End pace. I fell instantly in love with this room and can’t wait to be back.

One review I read recently but who’s reference I have sadly mislaid said that Dean Street Townhouse felt like “it has always been there (in a good way)” and I couldn’t agree more.

Dean Street Townhouse
Dean Street, London W1


One Response to “Home Comforts (and a BAFTA on the Bar)”

  1. Hugh Wright Says:

    As ever, The Client hits the nail squarely on the head. Dean Street Townhouse really is a gem of a place; the dining room certainly merits a visit for dinner when a warm welcome is assured: http://bit.ly/TPFP_DST

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