Fish & Chips


There is something uniquely comforting and delicious about the best quality fish & chips. Perhaps it runs in the blood – my paternal grandparents owned and ran a fish & chip shop in Fulham for several decades before, during and after the Second World War. I never visited their shop as they had long since given up the frying business when I came along, but as little ones we were regaled with the most exciting tales of being in London during the Blitz. Somehow my grandmother seemed rather fond of those memories and made “the War years” sound actually quite jolly. She hailed from the impoverished South Shields area of Newcastle and had known real hardship in her early life so in many ways perhaps rationing and not “having things” wasn’t so terrible after all. Through hard work she ended up seeing out her days in a plush flat in Putney, a far cry from her very humble merchant navy roots.

The Golden Hind makes me think of my grandmother every time I go there. I have taken my father and he was delighted that the art deco fryer they have on display is exactly the one they had in use at his parent’s shop. This is a place everyone should come to at least once – if only to have a benchmark for what real fish & chips should be like. The service is erratic but always friendly and who cares that the tables, chairs and crockery don’t match and it’s all a bit ad hoc… that is completely the charm of this place. Testament to the value and quality they purvey, there is almost always a queue outside. It really is worth the wait.

The Golden Hind
Marylebone Lane, London W1

Please see the post which reminded me to write about this charming and much loved place at Atelier Tally


2 Responses to “Fish & Chips”

  1. Hugh Wright Says:

    A mouth-watering read Mr. Client, and a privilege for the reader to be given such a personal insight into the lives of your obviously much-loved and respected predecessors. I rushed out and treated myself to fish and chips after reading this, alas not from the Golden Hind on this occasion but on the strength of your marvellous review I shall be making a visit very soon!

  2. Paul Says:

    Very fond of the deep fried Feta here… Lovely post!

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