Thinking Ahead (Autumn Accessories-wise)


Apologies in advance for another post about bags, but my cup runneth over with the news that Smythson are launching a collection of men’s leather luggage and accessories for Autumn/Winter 2010.

This new range may have something to do with the fact that the company recently became part of a much bigger Italian leathergoods & accessories empire, Tivoli Group, but I try not to think about such corporate matters. It is rather like imagining a treasured local eatery being suddenly taken over by a huge fast-food corporation (too horrendous to contemplate) and changing the menu… but at least in this case Smythson’s new owners are taking the brand into familiar territory. They were box and luggage makers as well as stationers from the beginning… so this new range is something of a return to form rather than a completely new venture into the unknown.

The vintage advertisement posted on their own blog and reposted below is just delightful and reminds one of a bygone age when people put pen to paper on a daily basis and conveyed so much of their personality in the formation of the written word.
images are from Smythson’s own blog which can be found in The Uncommon Client Blogroll.


One Response to “Thinking Ahead (Autumn Accessories-wise)”

  1. Hugh Wright Says:

    How terribly exciting. Together with the news that Jimmy Choo are to (re)enter the men’s footwear market in early 2011, the grip of the ladies on the most desirable brands is slipping away!

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