Luxury Letters


I found this beautiful engraved monogram in an auction catalogue and was reminded how much I love the combination of letters which form an elegant symbol of an individual’s style or more often a company’s trademark. The monogram above belonged to the late Princess Alexandra but I don’t know when it dates from as I didn’t take a note of it.

Some of the most famous monograms include those of the corporate giants one might encounter every day.  Their instant recognisability defies the need to elaborate on their ownership.

I was interested to learn that the letters have to be combined in some way to be considered a monogram (several letters by themselves is a cipher.) An example of a cipher is the royal EIIR, which one might most frequently see on a post box.

Jewellery and silverware often bear the monogram of their owners as a distinctive mark of ownership. This gorgeous example is from around 1900 and is from a Russian cigar case. The intertwined letter “P” in Cyrillic is surmounted by a crown. So chic.


One Response to “Luxury Letters”

  1. Hugh Wright Says:

    Such a lovely piece Mr Client, educational as well as aesthetically nourishing. I know a certain young man with a very fine monogram but note that that one doesn’t feature here…!

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