Saturday night’s all right for art-lovin’


Something must be happening on a macro / planetary level as I have experienced something of an influx of inspiration these past few days. Regular readers (both of you) will have learned of my delight at seeing David Hockney’s photographs at the Sims Reed Gallery last week. Well, on Saturday evening we dined at the home of another art-loving friend whose great style and thoughtfulness is somewhat legendary. The dining table was set for four with her grandmother’s gold and white china in honour of my recent birthday. The beauty of this elegant colour combination was brought dazzlingly to the fore by the burr-walnut dining table offsetting it all perfectly and making one feel as though a magazine shoot were about to take place. The table was an auction bargain which proves that these fortuitous things do happen but frustratingly only to other, luckier people than myself!

As mutual Squint fans, my friend and I share a similar aesthetic (she commissioned a rather magnificent Selkirk chair from Lisa Whatmough at Squint and the fabrics she chose I have to say are utterly divine). Over a glass of champagne she introduced me to the work of Peter Clark, an artist who creates the most astonishing collages of fantastical garments and witty, characterful dogs using such materials as antique paper and other scraps from such finds as old maps. His book, Paperwork, is an absolute gem and worth poring over longingly. I was totally smitten with several pieces and more so for learning that we count Sir Paul Smith as a mutual fan.  We are now much looking forward to his next show this winter at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in Fitzrovia. In the meantime I must purchase my own copy of this gorgeous volume to treasure and what could be easier than ordering from his own website. For those with an acquisitive nature like me, prints are available from the aforementioned gallery although personally I think it would be like buying a photograph of a Savile Row suit… lovely to look at but not anywhere near as good as the real thing.


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