Celebrating Nancy (Mitford)


One of my birthday presents back in the summer was a beautifully wrapped and ribboned set of Nancy Mitford paperbacks. The thoughtful giver of said gift had mentioned his love of the Mitfords over a cocktail at the Connaught and following that delightful evening had (very generously) sent me a copy of The Mitfords : Letters Between Six Sisters by Charlotte Moseley. It was with great enthusiasm that I began delving in to their gossipy world, first of all with the letters and subsequently Nancy’s novels. I started with The Pursuit of Love, followed by Love in a Cold Climate, The Blessing and finally Don’t Tell Alfred.

Discovering that another friend of mine is a devoted Mitford fan, I arranged an afternoon tea at the Wolseley so that the two of them could meet. What better than to sit and chat about these delicious books over a glass of champagne, some delicious scones and a pot of Jasmine tea? It really could not have gone better. From our original three we became five, two of whom were unknown to me until meeting that afternoon. It was so enriching to be among both friends and strangers alike, each bringing their own knowledge (dwarfing my own) and perspective on a shared interest.

I have decided that afternoon tea is the perfect interlude to conduct such an enjoyable few hours discourse and henceforth shall make a point of arranging such gatherings more frequently. I quite understand why all the big hotels make such a fuss of it – The Berkeley with their “Pret a Por-tea” fashion-themed offering, and Claridge’s of course setting the benchmark. Apparently The Ritz has rather gone off of late… ever since they allowed photography according to my friend in the know who described the scene recently as like “feeding time at the zoo”.

Nancy would not approve.


2 Responses to “Celebrating Nancy (Mitford)”

  1. Lady J Says:

    May I be an international member of the Mitford group? Our book club recently read “Love in a Cold Climate”, which then inspired me to read a Mitford biography. Love Lady Montdore!

    • The Client Says:

      Yes darling you are the first international member and we are planning a dinner next year so if you are in town you must come! Xxxx

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