Jewel in the… lapel


It is with much (continued…) excitement that I await the arrival of a souvenir from my recent trip to Jaipur. I am delighted to share with my reader the news that the jewel I commissioned is finished and en route from India as I speak! This news prompted me to look out the design, which I have posted above in anticipation of seeing the real thing brought to life. It reminds me very much of the decorative motifs abundant in Indian architecture and applied decoration, which we saw in such glorious technicolour at the Taj Mahal and at our magnificent temporary residence, the palatial Shiv Vilas. It also reminds me of the fabulous jewels worn by our fellow guests at the wedding we attended.

Waiting for this object to come into my possession for two months makes the experience of acquiring it so much more exciting and affirms the knowledge that this piece has been made by hand, from scratch, by a skilled set of craftspeople working with time-honoured techniques and knowledge, creating something completely unique.

The white coloured stones in the design are uncut, polished diamonds and the hanging drop is a polished ruby bead… cabochon emeralds and rubies make up the two rows of coloured stones. The central diamond is similarly uncut but is set in a pear-shaped setting.

Intriguingly, the reverse of the jewel will be delicately decorated in coloured enamel, but I have no idea what design will have been chosen by the artist who created it…. so it will be a great surprise not only to own this lovely thing but to see what has been created on the back.

I can’t wait to wear it!


One Response to “Jewel in the… lapel”

  1. pawan johari Says:

    hi, this is my design, and am created this design for man suits broch

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