Happy New Vivienne Westwood…


I have always been fascinated by the world of the curator… the all-powerful comptroller of a collection, editor-in-chief, possessing seemingly infinite knowledge of their chosen subject and intimately acquainted with the materials, techniques, influences, science and meaning of all things in their custody.  I have decided to be more curatorial in my acquisitions and experiences by way of a new year’s resolution (eating more healthily and taking more exercise being accepted as a given resolution-wise) to think more carefully about the things I choose to buy and do in relation to the things and experiences I already possess.

My first act of curatorial acquisition was to gift myself this really great Vivienne Westwood jacket in the Liberty sale. I have long admired Dame Vivienne’s menswear and until now have never owned anything to come out of her studio. Whether or not it is the case, I find that like Paul Smith’s, Westwood’s clothes and accessories feel as though they have, even in the most superficial way, seen the hand of their ultimate maker, although I am certain that there will be some un-sung genius behind the actual realisation of that vision. It fits like a glove, and was on my radar when it was first put out with the autumn/winter collections late last summer at a fairly whopping £650. Worth every penny I have no doubt but alas too rich for my means. I decided to buy it for myself as a Christmas present when I learned that for whatever reason it was in the sale and was reduced in price by half… who wouldn’t have leapt at the chance to buy the last one in my size?!

I am wearing it with a white shirt and my favourite Marc Jacobs jeans; this jacket is coming with me everywhere.

Vivienne Westwood is available at Liberty
Great Marlborough Street,
London W1


One Response to “Happy New Vivienne Westwood…”

  1. Hugh Wright Says:

    An excellent choice Mr Client; I too love Dame Vivienne’s menswear – indeed it is a rather expensive habit of mine – and the jacket you’ve chosen is a true classic. The ‘unsung genius’ behind the menswear line is not unsung at all; the designer of Vivienne Westwood Man is none other than her husband Andreas Kronthaler. The couple are known to work separately but collaboratively so VW herself will indeed have ‘had a hand’ one way or another in the design of this piece – most perceptive of you!

    I look forward to seeing you, and your fabulous jacket, soon.

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