Ciao da Roma…


Rome is crowded, busy, dusty and chaotic… unless you visit in February when it is possibly the most beautiful city in the world. Beauty; the real, captivating, mesmerising kind, is around every corner, and even the shabbiest side street will, upon closer inspection, reveal itself to be home to a jewel-like little piazza, a tiny church or noteworthy doorway through which one cannot help but imagine lies a stunning universe of antiquity and rarity. The big monuments which everyone has heard of are relatively uncrowded at this time of year, affording one the opportunity to wander unencumbered and allowing the feel of the city to infuse one’s being with an ancient and noble spirit.

Notably, the Roman is singularly unafraid to express a personal style rarely seen en masse in other places. They LOVE luxury, they love being looked at and admired for their sartorial choices. They are also unafraid to look, and even nod approvingly, at those they feel have achieved la bella figura. I like this place very much. I particularly loved the sight of an old lady standing outside Cartier in the via dei Condotti, immaculately swaddled in a black, fur-trimmed cashmere stole, her Hermes birkin over her arm, lit cigarette in a black lacquer holder in her hand… the very picture of discreet, old-school European style but at the same time shrieking fabulousness… that is Rome personified.

Personal style is fairly difficult to express for a fair few (dare I say the majority) of Brits, and most especially Brit men, who fear anything remotely chic as being highly suspect. So stealthy, homely, my-dad-might-have-had-something-similar basics pave the way for brilliant design to shine through in the most subtle of ways. You may already know Dylan Jones as the editor of British GQ. Editing clearly leaves room for a bit of extra-curricular designing as t’was he who worked with Ms. Anya Hindmarch to create a practical but good-looking bag for a stylish (Brit) mans-man who doesn’t want the coat-check girl to accidently hand his man-bag to a girlfriend by mistake, but equally doesn’t want to carry his essentials around in a naff old nylon ziparound.  This is the result, and I know Anya fans and those similarly inclined to hanker for life’s finery will approve…it is chic without BEING chic… and is therefore bound to be a massive and well deserved hit.

Lastly… I want to share with my reader something I wouldn’t have minded zipping about in today… an old Fiat 500… perfect for Rome’s narrow cobbled streets… perfect for raising a smile.


2 Responses to “Ciao da Roma…”

  1. Christie Says:

    Nowhere near as cool as my old Renault 4 – wish I had a photo!

  2. The Client Says:

    Not likely to see a French motor in Rome darling they love their Fiats and Alpha Romeos! Will look out for one when next in Paris for you. Xx

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