The Princess Margaret Fund


Few women in the world are as renowned for their joie de vivre and fabulousness as the late Princess Margaret. One of the most photographed women in the world in her day, she was the ideal fantasy princess brought to life in stunning couture and wonderful jewels, attending magnificent parties and living a glamorous, jet-set life. But she was also a sister, wife and mother and I was recently reminded how easy it is to forget that those were the important facets of a life lived on what seemed a wonderfully lavish scale.

Several years ago, following the Princess’s death at the relatively young age of 71, Christie’s held a sale of objects and jewellery from her estate. Included in the sale was the magnificent Poltimore Tiara (which the Princess wore at her wedding) which sold for nearly a million pounds, as well as a magnificent multi-strand pearl necklace, a staggering diamond riviere necklace and a Faberge enamel clock which alone went for £1.2m. Some of the funds raised from the sale went on to establish the Princess Margaret Fund at the Stroke Association, set up by her son, the furniture maker Viscount Linley to fund research in to stroke, the cause of her early death.

I was astonished to learn at a fundraiser for the fund last night that despite being the UK’s third most prevalent cause of death, for every £100 donors give to cancer research (incidently the second most prevalent cause, the first being heart disease), the equivalent of just 70p is given to stroke-related research. Alarmingly, 10,000 people under 30 have a stroke in the UK every year, often resulting in chronic disability which can impair their lives forever.

With so many pressing causes to give to these days, I can think of fewer charitable goals which resonate more profoundly than funding research into causes of early and untimely disability or death such as stroke. Please give if you can.

The Princess Margaret Fund at the Stroke Association

Photo – Lord Snowdon


2 Responses to “The Princess Margaret Fund”

  1. Hugh Wright Says:

    A thoughtful, inspiring appeal Mr Client. I have made a donation to the Fund and have shared this post on Twitter in the hope that others will do the same.

  2. The Client Says:

    Thanks so much for your generosity Hugh and for spreading the word… you are a true gent xx

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