A Renegade Royal’s Retreat…


Those renegade Royals Edward & Wallis lived a life of luxury-in-exile and this version of their monogram is my favourite. W and E are both angular letters and therefore work brilliantly together as modified regular hexagons. I have seen this monogram applied to a clutch bag belonging to the Duchess in the catalogue of their belongings… I am trying to find an image of it. In the meantime, I noted that the Duchess had her own stationery engraved with this same W by itself…

W Monogram with Crown, Wallis Duchess of Windsor

Whilst mentioning the Windsors it is worth noting that the Duke & Duchess’s French country house, Le Moulin de la Tuilerie, has been bought by The Landmark Trust and is now available to be enjoyed by everyone as a holiday let. Located 35km south west of Paris,¬† the house and several guest cottages provided the backdrop for weekends attended by such luminaries as Cecil Beaton, Maria Callas, Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor, who no doubt talked jewellery with her hostess during cocktail hour. The gardens are said to be charming and were tended by the Duke himself, who loved to potter about in the flower beds. The main house, Le Moulin, is actually the beautiful converted 18th Century grey stone mill house pictured below and looks perfect for a holiday with friends.

The Landmark Trust was founded in 1965 to rescue and restore noteworthy buildings and, once returned to their former glory, to let them out for holidays, thereby making the buildings pay their way. In this respect it is a really fantastic charity and if you are planning a holiday in the UK or France this year, do have a look on their website. They might have the perfect place.

The Landmark Trust


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  1. I love a good monogram!

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