Hooray for Henley…. Regatta…


Photo: The Uncommon Client 2010

Anyone hailing from these fair shores will be familiar with the weather forecast optimistically predicting “sunny weather, with some cloud and light showers” or “Cloudy, a chance of rain with bright spells.” This of course baffles many an international visitor, used to seemingly limitless sunshine and dry days in the months we like to call summer. However it also makes dressing for events that much more hit-and-miss, and the English summer wardrobe must be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the vagaries of the climate.

I am especially excited about this upcoming weekend, as I will be attending Henley Regatta for two days of rowing, accompanied by (rather too much) delicious Pimms. Henley is by far my favourite event of the summer and this year is especially exciting as I have acquired a new Vivienne Westwood jacket to wear. Last year it was warm but very overcast on the final Sunday, and the white fully lined linen/cotton jacket I wore was, by pure fluke, absolutely spot on as it was sufficiently cool for when the sun did shine. The year before the Sunday fell in the middle of a veritable heatwave. I was wearing a lined cotton blazer in navy blue and was very uncomfortable. Anyone familiar with the rather stiff Stewards Enclosure rules will know that gentlemen are strictly not permitted to remove their jackets unless an announcement is made to the contrary (and this only happens when the thermometer tips something ridiculous like 35c).  So this year I am thrilled that I have found an unlined, loosely structured jacket which fits the bill perfectly. I absolutely cannot wait to wear it with pale cream linen trousers, brown loafers and a crisp white shirt. Final decision still to be made is whether to go for an Alexander McQueen skull-motif cravat (Selfridge’s sale) or a proper tie or even a bow tie… all are permitted… I have four days to decide.Photo: www.viviennewestwood.co.uk

Vivienne Westwood MAN

18 Conduit St
W1S  2XN


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