(I rather like)… Holland Esquire.


I have been extremely remiss in not posting before now about a men’s tailoring brand I absolutely adore.

Nottingham-based Holland Esquire is a company whose jackets I have been collecting since I discovered them in my favourite menswear department more years ago then I care to mention. Their menswear is so utterly, wearably different, which is a very difficult furrow to plow in menswear with any degree of commercial success. Holland Esquire’s hand-customised jackets are absolutely divine; cut on the narrow side which suits a slimmer silhouette, and always with such thoughtful touches as linings in contrast silk, edged with vintage prints. Working cuffs, often with buttons and buttonholes in contrast stitching, along with hand-stitched details to lapels and cuffs, make these garments genuinely interesting and I have lost count of the number of times someone has said how much they love something about whichever jacket (from a stable of, I am embarrassed to say, six) I am wearing.

Sadly, one of my favourites (a blue military-inspired blazer with white stitch details and lovely cuffs) has literally been worn and worn (and worn) and is going to be put out to the garment retirement village that is the Oxfam shop. I hope someone lovely comes along who likes a very lived-in look and gives him a good home.

If you wish to acquire something from these chaps, I would caution you that the sizing in my experience is on the small side so consider ordering a size bigger than you would normally go for. Go shop the website, you will find something you love.

Holland Esquire
Stockists and online shop at www.hollandesquire.com


3 Responses to “(I rather like)… Holland Esquire.”

  1. Okay, I’m sold. I am very happy with the ‘lived-in’ look and shall look after him well. A little gift might be waiting for you in return and not the kind that a dog might leave.

  2. […] to be sunny and I have been very preoccupied with ways to reinvigorate last spring season’s Holland Esquire jackets which I am bringing out of their winter hibernation. The easiest way to do this of course […]

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