Dressing-Up Box Heaven…


Royal Opera House Costume Sale

Dressing-up is something I don’t think we grown-ups do nearly enough… and now the perfect excuse to plan a period costume ball is upon us as on 24th & 25th September the Royal Opera House will host a fabulous costume sale at their production HQ in the Essex countryside. No, I don’t know where that is either but it is only 30 minutes from Fenchurch Street by train and affords one the perfect excuse to head out of town for a bit of lush greenery AND the opportunity to acquire an absolutely show-stopping outfit to stow away and bring out when the occasion calls for it.

There are around 1500 costumes for sale, reflecting varied periods in fashion history, and prices start at an achingly affordable £20 and go up to an investment-level £500.

There really are so few opportunities to get hold of such sumptuous garments as this. Theatrical costumes are known to be rigorously well-made to withstand heavy daily use, and many are handmade from scratch by highly skilled cutters, seamstresses and embroiderers. Rich brocades, fabulous colour and statement embellishments are par for the course and a visit here will make our daily wear seem positively monastic in its restraint.

The absolute best news is that all proceeds from the sale go to help support the Royal Opera House, helping them to reach new audiences and create even more lavish and inspiring productions.

Follow this link to all the information you need including how to get to the sale. Enjoy!


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