Being British…


  St James's Street Shopping Event

My birthday falls in August and one of my favourite gifts this birthday was a silk pocket square from one of my all-time favourite outfitters, Turnbull & Asser. Beautifully wrapped in their signature patterned box, the gift came with a flyer for an event taking place on Jermyn Street on 10th September. From noon, the street will be closed to traffic and the retailers will get together to host a garden party…

“The Art of Being British: St James’s At Your Service will celebrate everything that is quintessentially British. There will be a retailers stage to demonstrate how to tie a windsor knot, make perfume, taste cheese and wine and shine shoes. A fashion show will run throughout the day, as will street activities such as Wilton’s oyster shucking, a Ferrari car show and The Cavendish hog roast.”

Jermyn Street has long been a favourite wandering spot of mine, as it is home to such wonderful traders as Paxton & Whitfield (cheesemongers and seller of sublime chutneys), the aforementioned Turnbull & Asser for shirts and pocket squares, and Floris for wonderful fragrance gifts and scented candles.

I am not one to enjoy organised fun, but this does sound like a rather nice afternoon. Heritage retailers can’t just rely on tourists to keep their doors open, and it is imperative that as consumers we do our bit to pop by every now and then and buy a little something when we can. Jermyn Street is the PERFECT place to buy gifts as these stores really do lay the service on thick, making choosing a pleasure… and they wrap and ribbon everything beautifully which not only saves time but a small fortune in wrapping costs to boot. Significantly, the products sold on this street are quite simply the very best quality money can buy… making them a benchmark for other companies who aspire to the know-how and expertise which is so poorly emulated, often at greater cost, by bigger, glossier international brands.

So do pop down to Jermyn Street on 10th September and get stuck in to some good, old fashioned British fun. Tally Ho!




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