Colour Therapy…


Farrow & Ball Manor House GrayHome improvements are generally left, in my view, to professional tradespeople who have spent years perfecting their craft and humble the rest of us with their adeptness and skill. There is a reason that apprenticeships to such trades as decorating, carpentry (-ing) and plastering are long and intensive… it isn’t ever as easy as it looks.

However, this does not preclude me from picking up a paintbrush when the occasion calls for it and I recently had the pleasure of painting an outside door to match our front door which my flatmate ably painted in Farrow & Ball’s Manor House Gray.

Farrow & Ball are an independently owned, Dorset-based company with an international distribution and one that I think typifies the well-deserved success that having a genuinely best-in-class product should bring. Their paints are all made in-house in Dorset. No lucrative licensing deals have been done to dilute the quality of their range and everything is made with an eye on their environmental impact; brushes are made with Forest Stewardship Council approved wood and the metal parts are recycled steel.

This is a company doing what it does really really well.


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