Autumn Already…


The Uncommon Client.
Apart from a brief sunshine and heat wave at the end of September, I think we can safely say that autumn is upon us here in London. Finding myself with a free weekend, I seized the opportunity to replant my window boxes and in order to do so, a visit to Petersham Nurseries for a lovely lunch was called for. Petersham is justifiably a very popular destination for its laid back, casual atmosphere and delicious food which if you eat in the tea shop is not at all expensive. Lunch for four people was just £42. After eating you can wander through the plants and imagine what you would do if you had many acres to plant up and maintain. The acres falling under my jurisdiction can be measured in mere feet, so some simple pink and white winter-flowering heathers were acquired for only £30 and planted up look very well in the galvinised metal window boxes I bought at Clifton Nurseries earlier this year.

This time of year also heralds some delicious changes to the weekly menu. Squashes and suchlike which have been nurtured and lovingly tended all summer become ready for the table. Last evening we were treated to a home cooked supper of rabbit in a red wine sauce. Rabbit is so delicious but I often forget about it as an option. A visit to a proper butchers such as Allen’s in Mount Street or Lidgate’s in Holland Park is a great reminder that small independent shops often carry a selection of fare which is completely unavailable in the margin-driven world of the supermarkets. Specialist sausages and game are all out there to be enjoyed and popping into Lidgate’s was another reminder if one were needed that we must support our local specialist retailers whenever possible. As someone once said… Use it or lose it!



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