Dear Father Christmas…


I am not a big Halloween fan. I don’t know why but somehow celebrating ghouls and ghastlies hasn’t ever really been my thing. So I tend to skip it all and think ahead a few short weeks and begin (albeit tentativley) to start thinking about Christmas. Every year I am dismayed at how Christmas seems to last the best part of four months in the retail calendar… August is TOO EARLY (Selfridges I am talking to you!) to open a Christmas shop. Think of other things to do with the space please…. like lovely pop-up shops, interesting tastings and demonstrations, collaborations and exhibitions… don’t be lazy and just dilute Christmas to the point where when the day arrives one feels relief rather than joy.

Whilst putting my soap-box away, I decided to cheer myself up by thinking about what would be on my fantasy Christmas list this year.

Dear Father Christmas…

Hermes Kelly Double Tour £305Hermes Kelly Double Tour Bracelet
On my visit to Tokyo earlier in the autumn I noticed that quite a few men accessorised with Hermes bracelets and they look absolutely great. No Christmas would be complete without an orange box, and this year I hope mine contains the Kelly Double Tour (£305) in orange, or possibly black. Or tan. Or indeed let’s face it any colour would be heaven.

Charbonnel & Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles
These chocs are an essential ingredient for any Christmas stocking. They are around £10 a box depending on where you go. Perfect at any time of year, the contents of this box does not last much beyond Boxing Day.

Paul Smith Slim fit puppytooth jacket £259Paul Smith Slim Fitting Puppy-tooth Jacket
I love Paul Smith’s jackets so much. They fit beautifully, are not too expensive (this one is £259) and they work hard in the wardrobe being perfect for smart-ish work days and dressed-up casual weekends. This would be very welcome under the tree this year as the much beloved Vivienne Westwood I bought myself last year needs a bit of a rest, and my Holland Esquires are too summer-y to bring out until at least next May. Gap in wardrobe alert!

Murakami Print £3000 Peter HarringtonTakashi Murakami Print, Peter Harrington Gallery
Murakami is (probably unfairly) most famous worldwide for his collaborations with Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. His work is marvellous, and I should very much like to own one of his colourful prints. This one is £3,000 at Peter Harrington Gallery on the Fulham Road.

Diptyque Vetiver Candle £38

Diptyque Vetyver Candle
A scented candle from Diptyque is one of life’s cherries-on-top… filling a room with delicious scent and creating a backdrop of subtle fragrance. I especially love the Vetyver, Figuere and Baise scents but frankly Santa your choice will suit perfectly. They wrap (no ribbon) with care and this is one of the most giftable items under £40 I can think of. And not just Diptyque… Penhaligon’s do a really lovely range of scents as does Jo Malone.

Hermes Avalon Blanket
I do hope Father Christmas’s elves are on good terms with the kind people at Hermes because I would dearly love to wrap up in this gorgeous cashmere and lambswool blanket. It would be an especially nice surprise to open this luxurious, last-a-lifetime addition to the homestead. Dare I say, it is £87o but who will remember that when one is still blissfully warm beneath it in decades to come? Heirloom quality is such a vulgar expression, but this blanket is not just for Christmas, it really will last a lifetime.


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