Shhhhh… RCA Secret 2011


RCA Photo

I had completely forgotten about the wonderful RCA Secret event at the Royal College of Art until 4pm yesterday. I rushed out into the late autumn chill to catch the closing hour of this now well-established annual fundraiser.

In a nutshell, around 1,000 artists, ranging from RCA grads to the likes of Grayson Perry and Sir Paul Smith, donate nearly 3,000 works of art, each exactly the same postcard-sized dimensions. The fun part is that the work is signed on the reverse, thereby rendering the identity of the artist a secret until the postcard is purchased and the artist’s identity revealed. The best part is that each postcard is just £45, and the money goes into the RCA Fine Art Student Award Fund coffers to help the next generation of artists hone their talents.

This year I wasn’t expecting to find anything I liked, arriving so late. Several years ago, I queued up with several hundred other keensters at 6am, braving the freezing cold, and remained in said queue until well after noon. I was fortunate to come away with my first choice of postcard, the wait therefore being rewarded, so this time I wasn’t expecting the same result. But much to my delight I have acquired this very interesting pencil drawing by RCA Grad Jonathan Whitehall.

Image RCA Secret 2011
RCA Secret 2011 took place yesterday, 26th November, but you can register for next year here


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