Does It Get Better Than… Country Life


I do love Country Life magazine for its aspirational property pages and left-field cover headlines… one favourite from 2011 being “Does it Get Better Than a Cocker?” – spaniel of course… but what other magazine proudly puts a gorgeous dog on the cover and maintains a tradition of featuring a recently engaged (or alluringly single) young maiden within its illustrious pages each week?! This really is the magazine for anyone denied the birthright of a large stately pile (but secretly would rather love one).

This week I am especially excited to read a beautifully photographed feature on Highgrove’s meadow garden.  The beauty of a completely free form meadow, bursting with wildflowers, is just absolutely the lift one needs at this somewhat grey and wet time of year. And… not wanting to miss a bit of merchandise, I am also pleased to report that the Highgrove shop sells a seed mixture (£2.95 per 8g bag) like the very one used to plant the garden featured – you just need to employ a team of full time gardeners (and some grazing sheep August – October!) to make it look as stunningly beautiful as Their Royal Highnesses have done.


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