Quick Bite in Soho…


In need of a bite to eat in Soho last week I found myself at the door of Bob Bob Ricard, another of the great David Collins’ interior design triumphs. If you are within a fifty mile radius of this part of London I urge you to have an evening off from the pots and pans at home and dine within its utterly sublime booths. I can’t even remember what I ate, the hour being rather late and the decor being so completely distractingly perfect.

My dear chum Hugh over at Twelvepointfivepercent visited BBR many a moon ago and posted a review in his inimitable, charming and inspiring style. Do click the link and have a read, he does it far better justice than I ever could.

Bob Bob Ricard
1 Upper James Street,
020 3145 1000


One Response to “Quick Bite in Soho…”

  1. Darling Mr Client,

    You are too, too kind. BBR is a hoot isn’t it?

    Your discerning, luxry-loving readers might also enjoy a little round-up I wrote for Telegraph Online of some of the best restaurants in which to enjoy Champagne, which mentions Bob Bob Ricard too: http://tgr.ph/LDNCHA

    Many thanks for the kind mention,

    HW x

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