London Under (rather smart) cover…


Say the words “pop-up shop” to me and I literally reach for my wallet and rush out the door, such is the level of excitement coursing through whichever (large I suspect) part of my brain is linked to shopping. There is something uniquely thrilling about the temporary, and no doubt consumer psychologists have a fully studied explanation for what that is. Frankly, I am not all that interested when my attention could instead be directed towards the life-enhancing wares on sale.

London Undercover is one of those fantastic brands you wished you’d thought of yourself…. it rains in London and we need lovely, chic, not-nicked-from-Claridge’s umbrellas with which to fend off nature’s carwash.  This is what they make and sell. But, like all successful brands, they do it with a finesse and intelligence that takes the humble brolly into a new league of quality and enjoyability.  The exteriors are plain black, grey etc but the interiors are lined with such fantastic prints as the 70’s District Line tube train upholstery (genius) or a really fantastic pigeon print (which I think they should do an upholstery fabric in it’s so fab). At between £95 and £120 these are not cheap by any means but then why should they be when built to last and last.

I for one am already looking forward to taking one of these home and who’d ever have thought one would look forward to a rainy day…

London Undercover Pop Up
38 Monmouth Street
London WC2


One Response to “London Under (rather smart) cover…”

  1. […] and twenty hard-earned pounds in return for the Bentley convertible of umbrellas from the wonderful London Undercover pop-up shop in Monmouth Street. If you haven’t been already you have just over a week to do so and I […]

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