Egg & Spoon Races!


At this time of year I always feel the need to roll out the soapbox (any excuse!) and complain to anyone who will listen about the chronic overpackaging which seems to accompany every chocolate Easter egg. And the hard part to understand (for me anyway) is that the cheaper the egg the more packaging seems to envelop it… I dread to think how many tons of card, plastic and paper will be consumed (ie: ripped off in seconds and thrown away) this coming Easter.

The solution is this really lovely Fortnum’s Easter Egg Race hamper (£55) which comes with four golden eggs, four wooden spoons (to race) and a bunny-shaped cookie for the winner, as well as a jar of sugar-coated chocolate eggs and some fudge. Nearly everything is reusable… the hamper is the perfect size for a cute spring picnic for one and the wooden spoons will be racing for many an Easter weekend to come.

The heavenly Artisan du Chocolat (whose salted caramels are shockingly addictive) have a fun Easter Egg Hunt kit (£29.99) which not only contains delicious chocolate treats to hide,  but also clue-cards for little (or large) egg hunters looking to bag a few chocolatey finds along the route.

Fortnum  & Mason

Artisan du Chocolat



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