Looking Forward to Some Bond Style…


1964 Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation.

A few years ago the Imperial War Museum in London staged an ambitious exhibition exploring the world of Ian Fleming and the close similarities between his own life and that of the life he created for his fictional masterpiece, James Bond. It was fantastic for fans of the secret agent to learn more about his creator and the fascinating wartime experiences which Fleming clearly drew upon when writing the character and his adventures.

This year, the Barbican is hosting another Bond exhibition to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the Bond movie franchise, but this time the focus is on the style and design of the Bond universe. Designing 007 : Fifty Years of Bond Style promises to be an absolutely cracking show, featuring everything from gadgets and Q-Branch creations to tailoring and costume.

Few mens’ style icons have stood the test of time the way that James Bond has, and the aesthetic created for the early films resonates season after season in how men like to dress, and especially in how men feel “dressed up”. Every man has surely had that “Bond” tuxedo moment, when one feels relaxed, sophisticated and truly at one’s best-dressed. This exhibition will lead the visitor behind the scenes of the development of this style. I can’t wait for July 6th!

Designing 007 : Fifty Years of Bond Style
6th July – 5th September 2012


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