Home Sweet Home



PHOTO: Rockett St George.

Having moved residences in the last few months, and given appropriate time for the dust to settle, the moment has come to start thinking about decorating. There are few things, frankly, I would rather think about, and many a waking hour has been lost to the imaginings of a perfectly harmonious and beautiful interior which evokes gasps of (slightly jealous) pleasure from any and all who might pop by for a visit. Or even the Ocado man when he’s dropping off the groceries. For an interior, I firmly believe, says much about those who reside therein.

Fortunately for me, the home I occupy with my better half is on the small side, necessitating a ruthless editing habit which prevents me from going crazy in the homewares departments of London’s better department stores. For such is my compulsion that given sufficient storage space I should possess as many different sets of crockery, table linens, glassware etc as I could possibly acquire I just love them so much.

But first things first… my thoughts are currently occupied with floor coverings. We have a very tired and scratchy coir matting not of our choosing to contend with, and it is my intention to do away with this discomforting texture in favour of something warm and soft under foot…. something not unlike the rug in the photo, which is a steal at £250 from Rockett St. George. I may as a result need to spend more on pedicures without the skin-stripping effects of the coir on my feet, but this is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

I am very much looking forward to re-hanging the Vitsoe shelving system that we brought with us from a former residence… the beauty of Vitsoe being that it is easy to reconfigure the system to a new space in a new home and it couldn’t be simpler to install. Aside from this, a fabulous gilt framed mirror I was given a few years ago has already been put up and looks magnifique. For inspiration I shall reach for the usual sources and of course my friends at Heart Home Magazine, which is always filled with fantastic inspirations and ideas from real homes (where budgets do not always run in to the tens of thousands.)

Oh the complete joy of a new home… this will keep me busy for months.




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