A friend of mine completed the Royal Parks Half Marathon today and what an enormously proud achievement that is, when one considers the hours of training, the discipline and the sacrifice that it takes to get in sufficiently good shape to make it round the course in a respectable fashion without potentially causing yourself serious harm.

With charity fundraising thus in mind, it has come to my attention that the time of year when men around the world put to one side their daily grooming regimen in favour of the moustache (or Mo’) has arrived… Movember is just a few weeks away and I for one am signing up to raise funds for research into men’s cancers, which receive an astonishingly tiny proportion of research funds.

I have done Movember before, back in 2008, and what a jolly jape it all was. I am going to try and recruit some “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” to use the official parlance… and see if I can’t muster a better effort on the top-lip front than I managed four years ago. Back then the results of my efforts on November 30th were deemed to be, and I quote not unlike a  “dashing World War II Fighter Pilot”, “Matinee Idol” “Cary Grant” and, rather unkindly “effeminate peasant”.

Let’s see what Movember 2o12 has in store…