The Way to my Heart (Home)…


Cushion from Heart HomeWith much excitement I encourage you to take a look at a really fabulous new digital magazine which has launched today. Heart Home is the brainchild of bloggers Daniel Nelson, Carole King and Arianna Trapani, who are all committed to championing British design and interior aesthetics. I contributed to their lovely blog following a weekend visit to the divine Clifton Nurseries and I have been following their progress to launch ever since.

Without doubt this issue is the result of a labour of love. A visually pleasing experience awaits and flicking through these hot-off-the-press pages I have no doubt that you will be inspired. I especially love the cushions featured on pages 54-55 and found the pop art Kiss cushion especially pleasing. I will be ordering one of these for myself!

Launching a new publication is daunting at any time, but I really think that Heart Home fills a huge gaping hole in our market consciousness… championing small creative businesses which make and market compelling product, much of which sets trends for the mass market. For those who care about such things, it is very exciting to have a new source for the unusual, ensuring that the objects you have around you are not to be found in every shop in every town.  Heart Home I am a fan! Congratulations on your launch issue and here’s hoping you go from strength to strength.


One Response to “The Way to my Heart (Home)…”

  1. You are a star for this post. Thanks so much for the support. Hopefully we’ll get you posting more to the blog or even a column in the magazine!

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